Imagined Conversations Part I:

(after a romp in bed A turns to B, kisses B on the nose, and says-)

A:  Hey.

B:  Hey.

A: I love you.

B: What?

A: That was a lie.

B: What?

A:  No it wasn’t.

B:  What?

A: I didn’t lie.

B: About what?

A: I love you!

B: Oh.

(a week later after another romp in bed, B turns to A)

B: Hey.

A: Hey.

B: So do you mind me asking why?

A: why what?

B: why do you love me?

A: because.

B: because?

A: can’t I just love you?

B: No.

A: Why?

B: Just tell me.

A: Well, I don’t know why. It’s inexplicable, really. I just love you.

B:  But if you love someone you should know why.

A: Should you?

B: Yeah!

A: I don’t think you understand love all that well.

B: I mean – ugh, I don’t know.

A: Have you ever been in love?

B:  I thought I was once, but I was wrong.

A: How were you wrong?

B: I was just wrong. I’d fallen for an idea.

A: Yeah, but that’s still valid.

B: Not really.

A: why not?

B:  because it wasn’t real.

A: anything that moves you is valid.

B: what?

A: those feelings were real.

B: yeah, I guess.

A: so are you still heartbroken?

B:  No.

A: Really?

B: No.

(another night in bed together, B turns to A)

B: Hey.

A: Hey.

B: I’m sorry.

A: about what?

B: that you love me.

A: oh. Yeah. It kind of sucks. But it’s okay.

B: I’m sorry.

A:  thanks.

(the two wake in the morning together, smile at each other, A turns to B)

A: why are you so scared?

B: of what?

A: of everything.

B: I’m not scared of everything.

A: I think you are.

B: Well, I’m not.

A: prove it.

B: how can I?

A: you can’t.

B: then what the hell am I supposed to do?

A: stop.

B:  you stop. (B kisses A)

A: (in between kisses) jesus christ.

(A faces B)

A: I think I scare you.

B: yeah, you do.

A: I think you love me too.

B: What? I – what makes you think that?

A: You didn’t say you didn’t. The way you look at me, kiss me, fuck me. You don’t ask me to go. You show it, you just don’t say it. Why else would I still be here?

B: I don’t know. I just like being with you, despite you making everything complicated.

A: (sits up on elbows) I’m not making a damn thing complicated.

B: yes you are!

A:  no, you’re conflicted and scared. I’m being upfront. You’re the one making things complicated.

B: Am not.

A: are too.

B: well, maybe I just like the sex.

A: Because it doesn’t feel empty, does it?

B: I- yeah, but- listen, I think you should go.

A: Fine.

(two nights later there is a knock on A’s door)

B:  Hey.

A: Hey.

B: I love you.

A: I know.

B: Do you still love me?

A: Yep.

B:  Cool.


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