Pausing Reality

I am high as shit

Staring up at the stars

Spinning in circles

Overwhelmed by beauty

A boy I never wanted to kiss

Tries to hold my hand

We fall back on dewy grass

Laughing at our very existence

I pause reality

trying to imagine what it must be like

To be a star

Dying in slow-motion

Via spontaneous combustion

And having everyone think

Your death is pretty

Is that why we say

Life is beautiful

(because death is beautiful)

(and what is life but death in slow-motion)

I laugh

I think I would like to spontaneously combust

I let the boy who I never wanted to kiss

Hold my hand

And kiss me again

He told me I was pretty

I grinned when I told him I was dying


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One thought on “Pausing Reality

  1. Kurt on said:

    Wow. True creative genius!

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