Spreading Roots

I didn’t want to start this all off with the usual “Welcome to [insert blog name here]”, but it seems that there is no other way that seems to work. So, here it is:

Welcome to Sunsisco. I’m Slade West, chief editor.

I’ve been in awe, watching other blogs grow and flourish, and have been meaning to jump on the band wagon for quite some time. For me, this blog isn’t just a place to share my ideas; it’s also a place for a community to grow.

Two of the major things that bring people together is food and music. I would like to add the internet to that list. Like many of those in my generation, I have a Tumblr. Through Tumblr, I’ve met amazing people who live across the country and the world. These connections have helped me expand my horizons (as cheesy as that sounds) and grow as a person (just as cheesy as the previous statement).

To get to my point: This blog is for the spreading of roots, expansion of awareness, and the search for the new.

-SladeImagephoto source: http://www.detroitmona.com/Exhibits_2009/Almost_Famous_1.jpg

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